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Educational Department

The Environmental Education and Research Centre exists since 1998 and it is the Educational Department in Sofia Zoo. Our main goal is to fulfill the requirements towards Sofia zoo in the field of education, research and conservation, according the principles of the Worlds Zoo Strategy. The EERC is located in a separate building in the “heart” of the zoo. It has lecture room with projection screen, along with more than 15 species of animals which are used for education. We have more than 10 long-term volunteers. They are helping us in a variety of activities-educating visitors, assisting animal care in EERC, caring for the gardens, assisting at special events etc..


The main goals and activities of The Environmental Education and Research Centre are:

  • Conducting the informal and formal educational activities in Sofia Zoo.
  • Organazing campaigns and special days designed to spotlight endangered species and the problems they face.
  • Working in cooperation with different institutions – research institutes, museums, conservation NGOs, etc. in the field of education, conservation and research work;
  • Creating all the educational materials in Sofia Zoo – species informational plates, posters, special workbooks for the Summer Zooschool, leaflets etc.
  • Maintaining and updating the official Sofia Zoo website and Facebook page.

Summer Zooschool

Since 1999 every year the EERC organizes Summer ZooSchool in June and July. In the past 17 years more that 2800 children have passed our five day unique program applicable only in the zoo settings and adapted for two age groups: 7 to 9 and 10 to 14 years old. They work with specially designed workbooks divided into 5 main topics (one for each day). The topics are: “Our Zoo”, “Zoo Olympics”, “Animals and Art”, ”Zoo – Detective”, “Biodiversity in danger”. Every second year the content is changed, but the topics remain the same.


Zooclub “Noah”

Zooclub “Noah” was founded in 2001. The zooclub members are children with a consistent interest in zoology and ecology. The activities include practical classes (making bird feeders, art objects from natural materials, enrichment etc.) and lectures about animals from around the world as well as environmental and conservation issues presented by the team members of the EERC, keepers, guest lecturers – researchers and biologists.


We are also working with organized school groups (age 7 to 18 years) visiting the Zoo by offering them different activities – guided tours, multimedia presentations and environmental games.

Phone: +359 878 640 192